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McKinley Trucking History

The McKinley Trucking started as McKinley Trucking in the 1940s. Originally founded to haul petroleum products for a neighboring company, Crystal Refinery. McKinley Trucking has greatly diversified during its 50 years of tank truck transportation. Phil McKinley, President, is the second generation to maintain and expand this family business. He started out by working for his father in 1961 as a mechanic. He also worked as a dispatcher and driver, and learned every aspect of the business.

McKinley Trucking, Inc. started operations with only five trucks. In 1962, the company was Incorporated. Phil bought the company from his father in 1978.

"McKinley built its business by delivering gasoline intrastate from a few large oil companies to gasoline stations in Michigan's lower peninsula. The carrier also delivers diesel fuel, jet fuel, lube oils, and some petrochemical products." Modern Bulk Transporter

McKinley Trucking has become the biggest for-hire carrier of petroleum products in the state of Michigan. We are also the oldest continuous for-hire petroleum carrier in Michigan.

Today, McKinley Trucking has a fleet of 74 trucks on the road every day - most of which operate 24 hours a day. Loads cover intrastate, interstate, into Canada.

Knowing that you have a traditionally-run family business gives you peace of mind.

McKinley Trucking in the 1950s


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